In Memory of our parents, grandparents… Ed and Helen (Hain) Armstrong


Many family members have contributed to the identification photos and the family relatives in them. We thank you all for sharing what you remember.

Photo Galleries


Others have taken the time to create Family History Videos. They gathered both historical and modern photos to show not only where we are but to show our heritage.

Historical Videos


These documents and certificates help to identify the life journeys of our ancestors. We are proud to share their experiences.

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Remembering where you came from…

Enjoy the photos of our family from recent to as early back as we could identify. You may smile watching your great-grandmother in her garden or remembering a recent family reunion.

Most of our family lineage began in Europe (Republic of Czechoslovakia, Germany and France) and migrated to the United States. Our heritage is also from the Ottawa Indian Tribe in the Great Lake area.

It is interesting the way the family tree changes over time.  Thanks to those who took the time to document and share the information on the website. Hopefully to be enjoyed by future generations.

Now it's time to explore...

Enjoy the historical resources found on this site and share it with other family members.